In modern economy the companies showing flexibility, dynamics and high potential of development occupy dominating positions. Vertical structure ensures perfect manageability and accumulation of considerable resources within the parent company, and allows implementing the most promising projects quickly and efficiently. The UMMC has embodied the idea of corporate development in metallurgy resulting in costs reduction in some operations and, therefore, raising product competitiveness.

The vertically integrated structure and high concentration of managing, economic and financial resources within the company allow efficient and fair distribution of investments among all activities. Consolidation of operations of various industries allows the UMMC to unite and coordinate activities, from ore mining to manufacturing of a wide range of value-added products. It strengthens the UMMC’s position in both domestic and global markets as well as its product competitiveness. The UMMC unites operations of mining, metallurgical, metal-working and other industries into one technological chain.

One of the UMMC’s lines of activities is civil and industrial construction.

The group of UMMC construction companies consists of: Ekaterinburg-City OOO, Uralmedstroy ZAO, UMMC-Sportstroy ZAO, KLAAS-STROY ZAO, SMU Uralelectromed ООО, Ekaterinburgsky Mukomolny Zavod ОАО and some others. Operating together, they implement the complete investment and construction cycle, including marketing researches, ROI studies, supervision of design document preparation and project optimization, performing functions of investor, technical customer, developer and general contractor, brokerage/professional sales services, commissioning supervising and operational management.

The companies are in good progress; they cooperate with international experts and adopt best practices of the world’s largest construction projects.

Among the most significant facilities - finished and under designing and construction - one should name: the Iset Tower multifunctional complex, the Demidov Tower multifunctional complex, the Olympic venue - 7,000-seat ice hockey arena in Sochi, the Cathedral of Fiodor Icon of the Mother of God in Gorodets (near Nijny Novgorod), the Cathedral in Troitskoye village on Sakhalin, the Aleksandr Nevsky Cathedral in Baltiysk of the Kaliningrad region, the Ganina Yama monastery, the technical university and the multipurpose theatre building in the town of Verkhnyay Pyshma, and many others.

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