The main sphere of business activities of “CN “EKB-Stroy-Invest”” LLC corresponds to real estate development: from elaborating project concepts to implementing integrated development of urban spaces. The Company offers high-quality residential developments according to the comfort or economy category standards, siting them harmoniously within the existing structure of Ekaterinburg’s city blocks and boroughs to better serve the public’s needs and society’s interests. 

We are proud to offer our clients a European-scale level of comfort, ecology and safety. As of today, the Company has five projects in its active portfolio: “Admiralskiy” Residential Development, “Admiralskiy-2”, the building at 66 Industrii Street, “Akademiya” appartment building and “Moskovskiy Kvartal” Residential Development, whose 1st stage is planned to be handed over in the 3rd trimester of 2017.

The developments’ groundlevel florplans are designed to accommodate commercial establishments. The premises’ destination and siting is decided already at the engineering stage. Simultaneously with constructing the buildings, a personalized design of the common areas is worked out.

Each project of “CN “EKB-Stroy-Invest”” LLC gets implemented with every new development in construction taken into account and using best-quality materials, enabling the Company to complete construction in the shortest possible time. The Compamy pays pecial attention to the esthetics of buildings it builds, to the integrity and reliability of infrastructural solutions, as well as to conceptual development of adjacent land, ensuring the efficiency and confort of living.

The professional expertise of the Company’s employees and constant monitoring of projects at every stage of their development and implementation ensure the high quality of its offers.

Contact details:

Street address: 2 Yasnaya Street, “FanFan” Shopping Mall, Suite 503, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (343) 302-29-84
E-mail: info@ekbstroy.net
Website: http://mk.ekbstroy.net/