PRINZIP is a professional member of the Russian real estate market. The Company’s main focus of activities is in the field of development of land tracts or plots and managing residential and commercial real estate projects.

The Company is capable of undertaking a complete cycle of jobs corresponding to a project’s implementation - from elaborating a concept to commissioning and managing a facility; it has a complete roster of competent professionals, with all the necessary licenses and clearances to manage completely any project.

The Company has been active in Ekaterinburg’s real estate market since 2005. By now, it has been built and sold over 390 thousand square meters of real estate.

The Company’s key project that allowed it to achieve a professional acclaim is the “Europa” Mall and Office Center (2007-2009). Project’s development was awarded to the Company due to its having offered a unique new concept, which allowed the “Europa” to become one of the city’s main destinations for premium shopping.

The year 2010 became important for PRINZIP in terms of its strengthening of the Company’s positions in the construction business: it gained the valuable experience of working with a major foreing player - “Leroi Merlin” (2010-2012), as well as further experience in commercial real estate, having started to build the “Aurora” Business Center (2010-2015).

The Company’s growth, quality-wise, was marked by the milestone of the “Malevich” Residential Development, which became a well-known local feature of Ekaterinburg’s landscape thanks to its eye-catching architecture, vantageous location and advanced level of construction. After “Malevich” came the “Newton Park” mass residential construction project, which features the Company’s landmark quality and unique floorplans.

The Company has spent the recent years developing new ambitious projects. One of them is a transport and passenger interchange node comprising a hotel, an office center, and a mall. Moreover, the transportation component of the said hub is based on the existing “Botanicheskaya” station of Ekaterinburg’s subway, and includes the new site for the bus terminal being relocated, as well as future intercept parking lots and a railway station.

Another such project is a redevelopment of the Instrumentation factory in the Ekaterinburg’s downtown, where industrial real estate will give way to yuppie appartments, with stores and restaurants populating the groundfloor.

Currently, there are 290 thousand square meters worth of construction projects being implemented by the Company. Another 900 thousand square meters worth of projects are at the design and engineering stage.

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