Research and Development Institute for Construction Physics

Research and Development Institute for Construction Physics

Research and Development Institute for Construction Physics of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RDICP RAACS)





Principal areas of activity of RDICP RAACS:

Industrial lighting equipment
Expert evaluation of natural, artificial or combined lighting at industrial, public or residential facilities; recommendations on improving or modernizing currently operated lighting systems.

Construction acoustics
Evaluation of engineering of buildings or development areas in terms of acoustic qualities, soundproofing of enclosures, expertizing of engineering solutions for treating sound pollution and vibrations including elaboration of improvement recommendations.

Civil engineering’s thermal physics and energy efficiency
Expertizing of engineering of buildings, evaluation of heat insulation parameters of curtain walls, their air-permeability, including elaboration of recommendations on technical solutions’ improvements. Scientific research in the field of thermal processes.

Durability of polymer structures and materials
Determination of physical and mechanical parameters pertaining to durability of polymer materials for construction and roofing applications.

Protection against adverse weather effects
Evaluation of engineering of facilities being built in various climates and development of recommendations on their protection against adverse environmental effects.

Issues of strength and quality in civil engineering
Elaboration of technical standards and documents on assessing the bearing capacity of structures, of complicated preliminary and engineering-phase calculations for buildings and facilities, expertizing of projects, scientific oversight of construction and quality control, refurbishment and reinforcement of structures.

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