High-rise buildings

The Forum’s program includes:

  • Improving the legislation on high-rise construction: milestones.
  • Potential of skyscraper development in Russia: high-rise construction is the future of megalopolises
  • Global trends of high-rise construction, cases of successful implementation of foreign technologies and innovative solutions
  • High-rise construction in the RF regions: potential, opportunities, and main restrictions
  • The economic attractiveness and the risks of high-rise construction


Елена Сиэрра, Минстрой России
Elena Sierra, Deputy Minister for Construction

“Ekaterinburg develops very intensely. High-rise construction is active here. This is indicated by the number of high-rise buildings that have been commissioned recently and are under construction.

We appreciate the activity of the Forum’s organizers. Not only did they suggest but also successfully achieved the goal of turning Ekaterinburg into a center of competences. Following Moscow, this is the second city practicing high-rise construction so actively and intensely.”