Modern urbanism: city of the future

The Forum’s program includes:

  • Cities of the future: what are they?
  • Modern trends in designing the urban environment
  • Engineering and technological improvement in buildings and structures designs, in development of the urban environment’s infrastructure
  • Positive effect of innovative architectural solutions on establishing a city’s comfortable living environment


Robert Fey, Siemens
Robert Fey, Siemens

“It is my second year at this major event and I believe that this is a very interesting platform uniting specialists not only in the field of building automation but also designers, architects, and construction organizations. To join in the Forum is valuable not only for Siemens in Russia; also for me, as a representative of the headquarters, it is an opportunity to communicate with international colleagues and to be able to discuss interesting projects and cooperation in the field of construction. In particular, we have considered the specifics of green construction. The syndrome of “sick buildings” is experienced not only Russia but also worldwide.”