Underground spaces of megalopolises

The Forum’s program includes:

  • International experience of developing underground spaces. Obstacles and potential of the development of underground construction in Russia.
  • Development of comfortable and efficient underground space: pedestrian zones, new transport hubs, and tunnels. Balance in blending a city’s modern design and historical ensemble.
  • Integration of underground parking spaces in the modern urban infrastructure. Specifics of development in the urban, residential, and commercial sectors.
  • Building with promptness, reliability and quality: global and Russian technologies for designing underground railways.
  • Innovations of underground-space development. What solutions work out and will provide benefits?
  • Construction of underground passages and transfer hubs (TPU): topical issues.

Аркадий Чернецкий, член Совета Федерации Федерального Собрания РФ
Arkady Chernetsky,
member of the Federation Council
of the Federal Assembly of the RF

“Urban underground construction is a topic of extreme importance for the majority of Russian cities. If several high-rise buildings are erected at the same time, there is a question of facilities to be deployed in the underground spaces of the adjacent structures, the problems of transport that need to be addressed.

The development of underground spaces may be as topical as high-rise construction.”